Our Industries

Explore how Tudlo’s breakthrough technologies are helping industries work smarter and stay ahead of the curve with new strategies to compete and win.


Obtain easy and hassle free collaboration and no holds barred communication for your school with online tools that result to more accurate outcomes. It benefits not only the students and the educators but also stakeholders who run the schools. Our customized platform allows exchange of data real time and monitoring.


Hospitals and clinics benefit when they go digital since there will a more unified and systematic patient record keeping, booking of appointments and smooth communication between each team member. When records are being kept in the cloud, it aids accurate diagnosis by being able to access clinical lab results within seconds.

Non-Profit Organizations

When volunteers and donors work on a platform that will serve both parties, programs are implement and success is achieved. Going digital is the key to real time inventory, disbursement on logistics and monitoring. It provides the platform where both donors and recipients are able to see the trends of all aspects of the activities such as relief operations.

Travel and Transportation

Getting more accurate data and providing verified, secured news on information boards helps get travelers safely to their planned destinations. Thus, this avoids passengers getting lost and delayed going to their destination cities. Getting people online also cuts down the chase on schedules, too.


Providing salesforce with simple leads management tools that help reshape customer service, claims, underwriting and corporate legal protocols is key to getting things done. When leads are being maximized to accommodate the demands of the market, the insurance industry flourishes and expands. It also attracts other stakeholders to invest in a much needed insurance package, thus crossing boundaries on industries.

Media and Entertainment

Let’s put SMART to work. More personalized customer experiences from digitizing processes and accelerated network automation results in new revenue stream creation.  The rise of content sharing through social media is made possible through digital systems that allow exchange of photos, videos and blogs in the most seamless way possible, through the CLOUD.

Retail and Consumer

Consumers demand on hand retail and consumer products to be easily obtained and used. Digital inventory makes a business keep real time track of their supplies to answer the need of the clients. When clients are informed on the status and availability of retail and consumer products, it is EASIER to plan the week ahead.


Personalizing customer experience through data analytics, market survey and enhanced cloud storage is an important innovation to further enhance the overall service impression. When telecommunications are able to keep up with the demands of the market it serves, then an “open communication” line is achieved.


When electronics supply chain management becomes intelligent and mobile, it allows them to create new businesses and deliver greater value to clients. When the supply chain can be accessed in a hassle free platform online, the businesses that run on this industry are able to reach their goals and targets at a given timeframe.


The industry is changing fast and modern vehicle types focus not only on driver experience but the user experience as a whole. Digitizing the process makes the industry more dynamic.  When digital technologies are utilized to automate the security features of the vehicle or perhaps, customize the feel and functionality of the vehicle, it results to more customer retention.


A more customer – centric supply chain that answers up to date and real time queries answers the need to a more visible and result oriented firm. When the manufacturing industry is able to keep with the demands of the market, it is able to flexibly scale up thus keeping a dynamic stream of products and services.

Banking and Financial Markets

Banks are learning to work on the cloud, reducing costs and accelerating innovation. The cloud computing and storage make banks a trusted investment entity. Currencies are being monitored and are being safeguarded by a digital signature that enhances its security feature, making it an indispensable commodity for both rising and established economies.

Oil and Gas

Reinventing the way oil and gas volatility are measured by going digital allows the industry to keep up with demands in the world market and become competitive. When oil and gas producing countries are able to track down supply and demand, it allows them to maximize allocation and distribution of resources and keep a trace of transactions digitally.


Creating a facility’s design with the aid of digital tools lowers down cost of drawing materials and enables companies to share real time rendering to clients. When designs are being formulated using softwares, it enhances the concepts thus making project team members adjust accordingly as the design needs change. And keeping blueprints will be forever in the cloud that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Metals and Mining

Maintenance of the metal and mining industry is more accurate and efficient if done digitally by connecting data analytics, devices and enterprise asset management. When the amount of raw materials are being recorded and analyzed digitally, nations and economies are able to seek ways in allocating metals for coin minting, electronic parts and others.

Energy and Utilities

When network reliability is improved for energy and other utilities, it results to more issues resolved faster at half the cost. When network analytics are maximized by cloud computing and secured web services, the consumers are assured that Energy and Utilities are put to good use.