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We are a multi-awarded Cloud Mobile Enterprise aiming to make all business process easier for you and your employees; helping you track your business process easily through your mobile phone.


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We have partnered with most trusted companies in the industry to provide you with robust and scalable application: Amazon Web Services.

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We understand that you might need support anytime of the day. Our support team is available 24/7 to assist you via phone, email or personally.

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Missing out on conversations? Keep up with  everyone at One Thread. This allows you to get connected anytime, anywhere.

Every member of the team gets to share their brilliant thoughts real time for collaboration.

Business Tools

Easily access important tools that run and grow your business while doing other important stuff. Leveraging on this will help you save time, money and effort leading to better results.


Be reminded on important schedules and stay organized. This way, you are able to make the most out of your business everyday.


Awards and Recognitions

You will Love Tudlo AAPS

TUDLO AAPS (Accelerated Application and Platform as a Service) allows industries and stakeholders to Connect, Collaborate and Communicate. Our footprint and flexibility in all sectors of society made us the go-to all in one platform.

Scalable & Smart

Direct and easy to manage tools that provide analytics, business intelligence and statistics for better understanding on trends and patterns.

Multi-Awarded Cloud Mobile Enterprise used by these industries


Obtain easy and hassle free collaboration and no holds barred communication for your school with online tools that result to more accurate outcomes.


Hospitals and clinics benefit when they go digital since there will a more unified and systematic patient record keeping, booking of appointments and smooth communication.


Provides the salesforce with a simple leads management that help reshape customer service, claims, underwriting and corporate legal protocols.

Non-Profit Organizations

When volunteers and donors work on a platform that will serve both parties, programs are implement and success is achieved.

Travel and Transportation

Getting more accurate data and providing verified, secured news on information boards helps get travelers safely to their destinations.

Media and Entertainment

Let’s put SMART to work. More personalized customer experiences from digitizing processes and accelerated network automation results in new revenue stream creation.

Retail & Consumer Products

Consumers demand on hand retail and consumer products to be easily obtained and used. Digital inventory makes a business keep real time track of their supplies to answer the need of the clients.

Banking and Financial Markets

Banks are learning to work on the cloud, reducing costs and accelerating innovation. The cloud computing and storage make banks a trusted investment entity.

Energy and Utilities

When network reliability is improved for energy and other utilities, it results to more issues resolved faster at half the cost.


Personalizing customer experience through data analytics, market survey and enhanced cloud storage is an important innovation to further enhance the overall service impression.


When electronics supply chain management becomes intelligent and mobile, it allows them to create new businesses and deliver greater value to clients.


The industry is changing fast and modern vehicle types focus not only on driver experience but the user experience as a whole. Digitizing the process makes the industry more dynamic.


A more customer - centric supply chain that answers up to date and real time queries answers the need to a more visible and result oriented firm.

Oil and Gas

Reinventing the way oil and gas volatility are measured by going digital allows the industry to keep up with demands in the world market and become competitive.


Creating a facility’s design with the aid of digital tools lowers down cost of drawing materials and enables companies to share real time rendering to clients.

Metals and Mining

Maintenance of the metal and mining industry is more accurate and efficient if done digitally by connecting data analytics, devices and enterprise asset management.

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